Saturday, June 13, 2009

But I want something from L.A.; love? money? friends? career?--What??!!

There are some pretty smart bloggers out there. Some of them have stolen my ideas-but I don't think they know it. And the moral to that short story is to stop sitting on your damn ideas (and mine).

Anyway, my snarky attitude toward brilliant bloggers or as some may call "pro-active individuals" is pitched, bought and sold in the room due to high volumes of insecurity.

My butterflying through life and the-gypsies-made-me-do-it outlook is less novel and more chick-lit.

So why am I in L.A. not doing what I want to be doing and doing that which I wish to not be doing? I could call it the two years that couldn't. I could call it really? seriously? Or I could call it that which it is: Uncertainty. aka Danger.
Those relationships that you've loved and lost out there, they've defined you. But they haven't.
Those jobs you've kept and lost. No one remembers, but they're all you have to move forward.
The books you read. Total waste of time. And priceless timing.
With this much wishy-washing in ones head stability is far away and lonliness takes residence.

Perhaps it's time to do what L.A. does best. Put on your flip flops. Really. Flip it around! I've resided here, so maybe here should reside in me. Kick all of the people and shit in your home out! It's your home. I'm gonna go surfing, work when I can, feel my ovaries getting older and eat burritos and one o'clock in the morning! I'm fuckin psyched about this! I'm gonna go to the store for wine, forget the toilet paper and make cheese into a meal. I'm gonna buy Starbucks and cable and go to my girlfriends house for dinner (her mom lives with her and she cooks!)

Love, money, friends and career will let you go. Let you down. I don't mean always and i don't mean that I don't have responsibility in that, but I trully believe L.A. will give you what you want. And no blogger is smart enough to stop it.


  1. hugs, love, and Tori. That's what I can offer you. (and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I'm not one of the bloggers you're referring to, as your blog is still much more brilliant and deep and much less fearful than mine will ever be.)

  2. Get up off your ass and start writing that chick lit novel that's actually going to be good literature. It kills me that I only get to read your brilliance every few weeks. Your talent should not be wasted. I'll HELP YOU in any way I can!

  3. thank you my dear Lira...where did you go?