Sunday, October 10, 2010

Ten! Ten! Ten!

I feel very lucky to see it! A wedding is taking place of very good friends and it's just a day to celebrate.
I'm just gonna live in today, and I rarely do that. Friends, food, drink and entertainment. Health, hope, youth and football. Laughter, coincidence, imperfection and pleasure. Sleep, light, beauty and momentum.
Cheers to you today. See the poetry, circles, pace and sense that it all makes.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

February, my friend

It's been a long birthday month.
Yes, I celebrate the whole month. If you were an only child you would celebrate the entire month too.
The thing is I was expecting to have the balloons and champagne and hearts and dancing and pink and kisses and lace and laughter and presents that I always get.

February had something completely different in mind.

Hey, aquarians are bitches are they not? February threw me some ups, some downs, some wine, some enchiladas, some arguing, some laughter some misplaced fortunes, some lack of abundance, some relief, some music, some down right anger, some emptiness, some surprise, some realization, some well recieved alone time, some innocence, some good food, some adult situations, some immaturity, some hugs and a lot of balance.

So I asked the Greeks and the Universe, and my friends and Grace, was this my gift? Did you hand wrap life as it should be as it once was and what it can be? Because if so, life right now is represented as a raspberry mocha, converse, thai food and childen running me over. And I couldn't thank you more.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Popping the Cork

So we just had this decade thing. Raise your hand if you feel old(er)! raise your hand if you remember where you were for NYE 2000. Where you were 21 months later when you woke up and heard about a plane crashing into the World Trade Center and the the Pentagon. I had just returned from a camping trip that would forever be lodged into my memory, not necessarily because it had happend days before 9/11, but because it was a coming of age story. I'm a late bloomer, what can I say? I sang about politics and prejudice and gender equality in front of a blazing fire to the boy across the flames who was falling for me. It was called "Strawberry Fucker", and I got the red headed boy at the end. Flames boy. Ah, but that was decades ago. So I guess that's what I did. I spent this decade coming of age, becoming my age, catching up to this day and age, tying the bond of the old age with the new age. This decade, fortunately formerly and quite awkwardly called the 2000's, is the part of my story that is in between what was and what will be...

Within this millenium decade I graduated college, aquired panic attacks, moved in with my college friends who 11 years later are my best friends, became an L.A. Native, broke up a 5 year relationship, fell in love, became an actress, moved 3 times, started drinking wine, turned 25, turned 30, created traditions, found myself 8 years into tradition, broke traditions for once, traveled across the country and the world, ran a marathon, held at least 8 jobs, found my love of improv, performed for Kiefer Sutherland, never let my love of baseball die, found out a lot, a lot of things, cheated and lied, lost friends and family memebers, found friends, watched terror, watched amazement, fullfilled my maid-of-honor duties, was on t.v., got abandoned, went to 6 Tori Amos concerts, stayed as social as a butterfly and as focused as a feather, drove a jeep, a toyota pick-up, a mustang and another jeep, traded $1.99 frozen meals for fresh tilapia and olive oil, switched to decaf, kept the same Uggs (ew), did the thing I am most proud of, did the thing I am least proud of, went to my high school reunion, stayed happy for 7 or 8 of the 10 years, drove to San Jose from Los Angeles approximately 70 times, and survived the transitions.

I didn't get married or have children or move in with a boy. I didn't become rich. I have yet to move my career path in the direction I want it to go without looking back, or forward or sideways or upside down. I didn't dedicate life to much more than a few small causes and big parties. And for this I am ready. Ready for the Ja'i dix ans. Because the truth is it's not about finding the right person, it's about being the right person.

So, my friends, I came into 2000 with a BANG, and I quiety, more swiftly and awakenly enter this new chic era.
Happy New Year!