Sunday, February 28, 2010

February, my friend

It's been a long birthday month.
Yes, I celebrate the whole month. If you were an only child you would celebrate the entire month too.
The thing is I was expecting to have the balloons and champagne and hearts and dancing and pink and kisses and lace and laughter and presents that I always get.

February had something completely different in mind.

Hey, aquarians are bitches are they not? February threw me some ups, some downs, some wine, some enchiladas, some arguing, some laughter some misplaced fortunes, some lack of abundance, some relief, some music, some down right anger, some emptiness, some surprise, some realization, some well recieved alone time, some innocence, some good food, some adult situations, some immaturity, some hugs and a lot of balance.

So I asked the Greeks and the Universe, and my friends and Grace, was this my gift? Did you hand wrap life as it should be as it once was and what it can be? Because if so, life right now is represented as a raspberry mocha, converse, thai food and childen running me over. And I couldn't thank you more.


  1. God I love you so much...but only when I read your blogs :) No, no, kidding...but your posts do make me love you more. No, that's not true...well, mostly not true...

  2. BLOG MORE. I know you get these comments.