Friday, November 11, 2011

Making History

Yes, today is one in a hundred years. 11-11-11. Eleveneleveneleven. I set out to make history. Wanted to commemorate by doing one thing I was afraid of. Wanted to go see a psychic. Bought a paper, bought 11 lotto tickets, wished on 11:11 a.m and p.m.

But right now I'm going to go tell someone I love them. I'm going to have hope. I'm going to love this moment. There are people who love me, who would fight for me, who make me dinner and buy me breakfast and laugh at my jokes and show up for my birthday. Eleven is the same backwards as it is forwards, so maybe history is moving forward and will come back to me one day.

Happy everything to everyone. May you inherit the sum of money you need. May you never stop wishing and hoping, may you conquer your fears, and may you pull backwards and move forwards.

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